Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hey! You! Happy 4th of July!

Strangely (or perhaps, not so), I've got a new poem showing up on RATTLE today. Also has an audio of me reading the poem, which is, I think, eerie. Read and/or listen if you feel so compelled.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Wow! Wonderful elegy, Luke. That turn at the end of line 4 really works, and then the "We sons and brothers and cousins" just ripped my heart out.

Matthew said...

I just love this poem. The tone is a little more playful than others of yours, but that playfulness is kept in check by the sonnet form. It (like the entire first section of your book-to-be) is a favorite.

Luke said...

Thanks for the kind words, y'all, and for taking the time to read and share the poem with others!