Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Like many poets at the start of their writing lives I was so caught up in received ideas of beauty. I couldn't imagine that the tobacco fields and power plant and boys driving by in their trucks and throwing their sodas and God knows what else at me could be worked into something beautiful. And so for a very long time I wrote well-meaning and profoundly flat poems.


Read at the Hugo House open mic reading yesterday. Could hardly believe how many people were there (lots). It's within walking distance of my apartment. It's great to discover such an encouraging and necessary place so close to where I live. Score one for Seattle.


A wonderful interview between Henry Taylor and Peter Makuck. Worth the read, if you've got time.


Another new poem goes up today. 2 for 2!


I wished I cared about anything as much as these guys care about Spanish futbol.

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