Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Order of Importance

The Head and the Heart's in-studio show at KEXP. Go there and listen (I'd just click on "Full Performance" and let it ride). Man, am I the only one who finds themselves loving these guys?


An example:

The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas


“De Villefort!” poor young man! “A man.”

Monte Cristo smiled. “Madame de Villefort?”

Monte Cristo smiled. “Poor count! Valentine de Villefort.

Monte Cristo smiled.


You've likely already seen this, but I think it's funny. Really funny:


More Anthony Doerr sentences from his newest book:

"Birds are passing over the house now, a great flock, harrying across the sky like souls. She can hear the beating of their wings."

"His hands are huge and terrible. His beard is white. His teeth are the color of autumn leaves."

"A person can get up and leave her life. The world is that big. You can take a $4,000 inheritance and walk into an airport and before your heartache catches up with you, you can be in the middle of a desert city listening to dogs bark and no one for three thousand miles will know your name.
Nothingness is the permanent thing. Nothingness is the rule. Life is the exception."

He's good.


Excited about the directions my new poems are taking. Excited to keep going.


I'd go see it.

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