Monday, July 12, 2010

Basement Dispatch

Found this over at Avoiding the Muse:

I love Anthony Doerr's work. His stories are rich and expansive. His novel is simply gorgeous. I am very excited to read this book. Pre-order.


Doerr lines I love:

"What use are memories when memories can do little more than fade?"

"He began to dream of snow: ice glazing a parking meter; slush in the treads of Sandy's boots. There was the feeling of turning up blinds and seeing the whiteness of everything--snow on fence posts, snow limning branches--a banquet of light. He thought of his mother, and the way the mountains looked from the rooftop of his childhood: shimmering, insubstantial as ghosts."

"To see again--to discern a tree or face or cloud with an acceptable level of clarity--was the smallest kind of revival, a tiny breakthrough, but enough to start happiness in his heart--the joy of recognizing things, an improvement in his relationship with the world."

Can't find my copy of The Shell Collector, his wonderful collection of stories, though I fear I've foisted it upon so many people that maybe I didn't get it back from a borrower...


On the prompting of Deb Ager over at 32 Poems, I've taken up the call to write a poem a day for the next 30...usually I don't make it very far with these sorts of things, but I'm going to give it a go. I'll post the efforts here until the next day, when they'll come down...


This is sort of buried, but, a press has offered to publish my first book. I am floored and figuring things out. But, yeah, I felt I should say that as it's been a topic here for so long...details to come, but it's looking like After the Ark will likely be published in Spring/Summer of 2011.


Listened to this album again this morning and was reminded how amazing it is; this song, especially. If you haven't before, make sure to watch Zevon's last appearance on Letterman...


Traci Brimhall said...

Holy Flying Monkeys! I can't wait to own "After the Ark"! Huge congrats Luke!

Luke said...

Thanks Traci! I'm honored you want to own it! Fortunately, lots of us will be owning yours quite soon...