Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Night OR When UNC Basketball Fulfills Expectations OR Devastation

So tonight's the night. All year I've been worried about predictions, the fact that virtually every major sporting news venue picked the Tar Heels to win it all, and even with the whole ESPN crew picking Carolina, I think we can do it. But I worry. It's incredibly hard to beat the same team twice, especially twice in the same place, especially when that same place is only an hour away from that team's campus. But the stars are aligning--Michael Jordan was elected to the Hall of Fame, Ty Lawson won the Bob Cousy award for best point guard in the country, and I wore my UNC hat to teach class today. Go. Heels.


Read in Richmond on Friday afternoon at the VMFA as part of the Insights Graduate Student Symposium. It was a great chance to hear folks read from UVA, VCU, and George Mason, and great for me because my Dad, Aunt, and God-mother were all there and had never seen me read before. The museum actually selected my poem as the "winner" of the symposium, which I thought sort of defeated the purpose of having a symposium--I thought the idea was to get together to celebrate art, not to point at one thing as having more or less value than another. That said, I guess I should get used to contests where they declare winners as I prepare to start sending out a book manuscript in the Fall, and I should probably get used to not winning as Aaron Baker told me to plan on 5-7 years of sending out. The museum is going to publish my poem on their website sometime in the near future, once it's up I'll post a link.


Killer first line of the moment:

"I am not the woman I followed in London"

from "Tethering the Ocean Swells" by Charlotte Matthews
(in Still Enough to Be Dreaming, Iris Press, 2007)


Still adjusting to life post-engagement. Applying to jobs. Running. Scoping out puppies. Trying to say "I" instead of "we" when talking about things.

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