Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Written While Wearing a Baseball Cap

So I'm going to try and steer clear of posts as doleful as the last one, obviously I'm still struggling, but I'll spare you, because nobody wants to read that guy's blog. And let's be honest, not many people want to read this one, either, so I don't want to lose what few folks might drunkenly stumble across this one. It's a recession, people must be frugal with their blog reading. Where else can people turn to read the first lines of poems, to see animals over-indulge on fermented apples, and to witness such flagrant and unabashed self-promotion?


Speaking of me, I'll be reading on Friday at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond as part of the Insights Graduate Student Symposium. It should be a really neat afternoon, I'll be reading with MFA students from UVA, George Mason, and VCU. I'm pretty sure I applied to all of these places when I was scoping out MFAs, so it will be neat to hear what's going on at them. The readings start at 4:15, so be there, or well, don't.


Killer opening line of the moment:

"The time for little words is past;"

from E.B. White's "Soliloquy at Times Square"
(Poems & Sketches of E.B. White, Harper Colophon Books, 1981)


Get to see some great friends this weekend. Hopefully we won't eat too many apples.


Big basketball weekend. Go HEELS! Are you as psyched for One Shining Moment as I am?


Keith said...

Damnitt. I'm working today until 7. How late are you going to be around Richmond? I love literally a block from the VMFA...

Luke said...

Dammit indeed. Just got back to computer-land. I ended up heading to DC right after the reading and a burger at the New York Deli, but still sorry to have missed a chance to connect. VMFA= very cool. Seems like a nice neighborhood, too.