Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Summer, Almost

It's astounding to me that April's almost over. I taught my last class at Hollins today, completely reordered my thesis, and cooked parmesean-crusted pork chops (swine flu be damned!).


As evidenced by the above damnation, I have little to no idea what this whole pandemic thing is about, but I know I prefer calling it "swine flu" to "Mexican flu," though Israel doesn't. It's certainly scary to think about, but I'm never quite sure how seriously to take this stuff any more. I remember when West Nile, Bird flu, and SARS were going to kill us all. Let's hope this one goes the same way as its pandemic predecessors.


A nice week. Recently found out that I've been invited to read in DC this summer as part of the Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series. It seems like an amazing program they've got going. I've posted the date/time on the sidebar, though it's still tenative. More info to come on that front. Also, yesterday I recieved the Academy of American Poets prize from Hollins which was very cool, to say the least. And today while I was running, a woman complimented my pace. Put money in the tip jar when you can, the universe repays.


Registered for the Rocky Mountain Half-Marathon in June. A great chance to run and to see some old friends. A little worried about the elevation, especially considering I've gotten a late start on training. Should be alright though, I'm not trying to break any land-speed records.


Killer first line of the moment:

"Love's the boy stood on the burning deck"

from "Casabianca" by Elizabeth Bishop
(The Complete Poems 1927-1979, FSG, 1979)


Bittersweet, this week. I worry for what my mind will do when it runs out of deadlines to distract it.

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Drew Perry said...

nice post.

congrats on getting all famous and shit.