Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looks like Somebody's Got a Case of the S'postas

I'm sort of supposed to be running a half-marathon in Raleigh this weekend. I'm ready for the mileage in the sense that I shouldn't have a problem running 13.1 miles. Though, I'm exhausted. The idea of driving 3 hours two days in a row and sacrificing sleeping-in both Saturday and Sunday really pains my heart. Who knows what will happen? I do love free t-shirts.


Wrote my first new poem in over a month yesterday. Not even sure if I like it, but I was just stoked to get something down on paper (err...on screen). More sonnets (sonnets you say?) seem to be the direction I'm headed, if only for the brevity of them. So I share my joy with you, dear reader. Hope it doesn't suck (I'm always wary of poems in which any sort of crying is mentioned...). To disappear shortly....



Killer first line of the moment:

"Call him Granite, Argonaut, Thievery-Slick. Tusk"

from Rhett Iseman Trull's "Naming the Baby for Mark and Terra"
(The Real Warnings, Anhinga Press, 2009)


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Oh Gawd.


LBeezee said...


Scuse me. Eminem, Black Thought, & Mos? What? I feel like you lose instant street cred. when you reference Koalas.

Denis said...

Only Eminem can rap about koalas and not make it sound ridiculous.