Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogging While Students Take a Test

This is a new experience for me. I'm feel as though my key-strokes are exceedingly loud, disruptive even. Let's hope the kids do better on this test than their first--in which I had 5 students score below a 50. I think they're ready. We just finished a unit on Modern Africa and are gearing up to watch Hotel Rwanda (a surprisingly PG-13 movie...) to close out the first quarter.

Hard to believe we're 1/4th of the way through the school year. This comes as half-encouraging, half-overwhelming....


Speaking of the school year, our basketball team starts out the year ranked third in the nation. Looking forward to seeing these guys play.


Looks like I'm a finalist in the caption contest over at Avoiding the Muse. Wish I could say I'm happy just to be included, but I'll be honest: I want to win. Look at those prizes! Stay tuned for the soon-to-come picture captioning extravaganza....


Killer first line of the moment:

"The most beautiful order is still"

from Martine Bellen's "Cucina"
(This Art: Poems About Poetry, Copper Canyon Press, 2003)


Starting to get antsy about still lingering submissions, hoping to hear back sometime soon from those I sent last Spring. Even queried at a few places, something I've never done before (and likely won't do again). It doesn't seem to do much other than annoy the editors. Anyway, I'll post should anything happen on that front.

The Hollins Critic did take a poem the other day. It's a place where my reviews have shown up before and I'm stoked to be appearing there as a poet, especially considering the other poets who have been featured in the past 6 months (R.T. Smith, George Garrett, Charlotte Matthews, Richard Dillard, etc.). I felt a little guilty sending there as I just finished an MFA at Hollins, but I knew I'd want to show up there eventually so I figured I might as well try straight off.


My students have never heard of Gang Starr. They immediately lost any and all street cred I thought they had.

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JayTee said...

oh wow, that's cool you're showing Hotel Rwanda in your class. Congrats on earning another acceptance!