Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Ole' Wrench-Face

I need to buy batteries for my camera so I can post some current pictures of Boone. He's becoming a monster (albeit, of the very cute and pleadingly-eyed variety). Up to almost 40 lbs. at around 5 months.


This inexplicable run of acceptances has continued. Potomac Review took a poem from my manuscript, and Sou'wester took three. That makes 8 poems taken by five journals in the span of a month. I've never experienced anything like this and would hazard to guess I won't again. I'm so used to rejection slips that I'm not quite sure how to take this...but doing my best to enjoy the ride. Looking forward to Spring and seeing all of these poems appear. Random question, how do you decide which previous pubs to include in your bio? Is there any proven rationale to this? (a relatively worthless query, I admit)


Caption Contest round 3 has gone live! The judges seem to pick up what I'm putting down, though the voters are not with me as of yet. View and vote for your fave!


Killer first line of the moment:

"I didn't know I WAS until the next day's news"

from Kevin Boyle's "Masturbating on Ash Wednesday"
(A Home for Wayward Girls, New Issues, 2005)


Wrenches. Faces. Homes.


Marcus said...

Big congrats on the acceptances, Luke. Why not get used to it?

sh Lohmann said...

Congratulations; when it rains it pours, even in the good way sometimes.