Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things Written While Playing with a Rubberband Ball

I missed this at the time, but kick-ass harmonica player (poet, too) and friend Stephen Kampa had a killer poem up on verse daily the other day. Stephen showed me a new way to appreciate Robert Penn Warren while we were at Sewanee. Try imagining every Penn Warren poem you love vocalized through the voice of Shrek. It will blow your mind.


Have a lead on some puppies (Golden Retriever/Husky mix). Still trying to make sure I get the right puppy for my situation. Not sure if I'm ready for husky, though if they're more Golden Retriever-y, I may be interested. Potential names (feel free to weigh in, blogosphere, to make suggestions): Elroy, Jasper, Elvis, Banjo, Rocket, Roger, Saint (the last name suggestion comes courtesy of the aforementioned Kampa). As you might guess from the names, it's going to be a boy dog...


Read Alan Shapiro's Tantalus in Love the other night. I couldn't help but read it in one go. Such a gorgeous and honest book. I wish I had more intelligent things to say, but I don't. Read, appreciate, discuss.


Does everyone remember this video? I remember watching it when it came out and being supremely confused. Why I'm thinking about this today? No one knows...


JayTee said...

I remember Black Hole Sun. My friend and I made a home video back in the day that largely consisted of me singing this song and her filming a light fixture. It was deep.

I like Elroy for a playful dog; Saint for a wise one lol

Luke said...

That sounds mega-deep.

I'd say right now it's a three way race between Elroy, Saint, and Astro. Jetson themed names have a narrow edge...