Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Places, New Faces

Firstly, most importantly, most life changingly, meet Boone:

Half-Redbone Coonhound, half Lab (we think), Boone came from a shelter and a litter of 11 pups. He loves: his Babar blanket, his bear, endeavoring to trip unsuspecting walkers by darting through their legs, and, pooping. He does not love: sleeping in his crate, learning to sit, ponies. More to come on this front as we go. Needless to say, he's awesome and I'm excited to have a new member of the family. I've been poking around Robert Morgan's biography of Daniel Boone, aptly titled "Boone" to make sure I've chosen the right name. Instinct tells me I have. Sorry for the false leads with the previous name poll, but none of them seemed to fit...


I've moved into the house in Mouth of Wilson. It's gorgeous here. See pictures below. But it's nice to finally be out of boxes, out of my car. Lots to do as I prep to teach five (count em') classes this Fall. Trying to write, failing. Trying to make up for not submitting all Summer, succeeding. Got a nice rejection note from the new poetry editor of the New Republic, Rachel Wetzsteon. Lots of poems in the mail to lots of places that are likely out of my league. Cross your fingers, I'll cross my toes.


The Little League World Series are heating up. Me, I'm rooting for the kids from Georgia. Just so long as California doesn't win, what with their Goliath that stole my name.


I have to drive 20 minutes and cross a state line to get to a grocery store.


More poetry stuff later. Otherways, it's good to be back on the interwebs. For now, some views from my backyard:


JayTee said...

Cute puppy! He makes me think of Where the Red Fern Grows. I think it's because you said he was a Coonhound. Boone is a great name.

Beautiful view!

Lisa said...

I've looked at that pic of Boone like four different times now. It's just so damn cute the way he has his legs together and all the way back.

Also, congrats on the handwritten rejection, yo...that's promising.

Finally, if you don't stop prefacing journals as out of your league, I'm going to...well, I don't know what, but you should be very, very scared (you know how to say it...).

Luke said...

Boone is pretty much the coolest.

Terrified, Lisa. Shuddering even.