Thursday, August 13, 2009

After the Meteor Shower

Watched the Perseids last night from the Guide Deck at NARR. My liver was having Sewanee flashbacks and we didn't see many meteors. But we did see a few spectacular ones with bright, persistent trails (a term I just learned this morning). I will miss West Virginia nights, people bouncing from cabin to cabin, living in a place where it's possible for 8 raft guides to find themselves drinking bourbon, stretched out across the deck watching the sky for moving light.


Reading Wendell Berry's Selected Poems. This excerpt, from his sequence "Window Poems," struck me as relevant, artful, and true:

Rising, the river
is wild. There is no end
to what one may imagine
whose lands and buildings
lie in its reach. To one
who has felt his little boat
taken this way and that
in the braided currents
it is beyond speech.
"What's the river doing?"
"Coming up."


I may be the only person who finds this funny, because I recognize some of the places/people. But yeah, if you've got some free time...


Sent out some poems yesterday, likely to places I have no business submitting to, but I'm trying to get back in that frame of mind. I'll try for a few more today.


Tonight's my last night in the tent, at NARR. Heading to DC on Friday Night to join some friends for a Phish show on Saturday. Not a huge Phish phan, but I've been told the concerts themselves are an experience, between the lights, the party, and the people. So here we go. Then on Sunday/Monday it's moving-in. Lots to do, little time to think. Let's rock.

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newzoopoet said...

I saw Phish once in Hampton. Good show.