Friday, August 7, 2009

Dispatches from Nearly 2,000 Feet

Here in Hico, WV (Elevation: 1,818 ft.) thinking about moving to Mouth of Wilson, Virginia (Elevation: 3,400 ft.) in just about a week. Excited to be moving up in the world, or at least in the mountains. Things I will miss about living in a tent: the sound of rain on the tarp, writing poems longhand by the light of my headlamp, wildlife. Things I will not miss about living in my tent: the dampness (book covers curl, t-shirts absorb, sleeping bags dampen), the very ferocious looking spider living between my tent and my rain fly, the limited and equally depressing bathroom options.


Save Pete the Moose!


On one of the things I will miss: out in my tent, I've been writing more routinely than usual. Here's what last night turned up, a very early draft, to disappear shortly...



Killer opening line of the moment:

"Days pass and years vanish, and we sleep-"

from Alan Shapiro's "Invocation"
(Tantalus in Love, Mariner Books, 2005)


T-minus 13 days until Puppy.

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