Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UNC-Michigan State

Big game tonight. They're playing in Detroit, where the final four will be played. These boys should get used to shooting on those rims...


Finished up my Stadler app. It's going in the mail tomorrow morning. As uncertain about this one as I am all the others.


Shelley graduates at a Doctor of Physical Therapy on Sunday! This means I'm heading to North Carolina tomorrow afternoon and will be spending the weekend there. First time her parents (consverative catholics) meet my dad (liberal protestant)...should be interesting. I'm going to try and keep the conversation centered on sports. But this means, no blogging this weekend.


Listening to: Mick Boogie & Talib Kweli "MCEO Mixtape"
Reading: the story "Winners on the Pass Line" by Dagoberto Gilb (if you haven't read this story, you should)


GO HEELS. That is all.

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