Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Consistent

I've decided to blog on a daily basis. Watch the sentence devolve before your very eyes. (What does that phrase mean? I'm going to start applying it to other parts of the anatomy. I'll freeze my very nuts off, my very mind will be blank, and my very palms will be sweaty.)


Saw the Guy Ritchie movie "Revolver" the other night. The tagline on imdb is: "Your mind will not accept a game this big." Well, they're right. It didn't. It won't, ever. This movie sucked, and I'm talking like Spiderman 3 sucked. Not the kind of sucking where you're bored, but the kind where you're mad.


In another week and a half I can read books that I want to read instead of books that I have to read. This makes me so happy. On the top of my list: James Galvin's "Fencing the Sky"; Mark Doty's New and Selected (that just one the National Book Award); and I'm going to re-read Jack Gilbert's "The Great Fires." Also, I'm determined at least one book of civil war history. Any recommendations?


The first sentence of my statement of plans for the Stegner fellowship:

"I discovered poetry after writing and recording many albums worth of bad rap music."

Clearly, I thought that one through.


Purdue plays Dook tonight as part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, While I should root for the Conference, I think the ACC has it pretty much locked up, so: Go Boilermakers!


And now, a photo of a small man holding a big fish, taken by me in Moose River, Alaska

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