Sunday, December 14, 2008


So this will be brief and whiney. I'm getting sick of these rejection slips. I know I've been lucky to get the acceptances I have in only a year of sending out. But I've hit about a 5 month drought, ever since the BNP news. And I thought dropping that in my cover letter might get my poems a closer read...but I guess everyone has something eye-catching, and probably more interesting poems (the more important thing, obviously). But all this just to say...I'm ready for the ether to spit back something positive. It's gotten to the point where I've been looking at my records and comparing them to the duotrope response times. I'm aware the writing life is one of rejection, let's just say I could use a spell.

Still listening to Jeffrey Foucault....really haunting voice, really great songs. Perfect for windy, cold days.


Been making progress on my puzzle. Today I'm reading Hollins Critic submissions. This close to the end of our submission season there isn't much space left in the magazine (we don't like to accept something we can't print by the next submission season) so there are some really great poems that probably won't make it. I use this information to comfort myself with the aforementioned complaining...


Carolina won last night. The UNC soccer team plays Maryland today for the National title, trying to be the first school ever to win the title in both men's and women's in the same year (the women beat Notre Dame on Dec. 7th to win their 14th national championship in soccer). Go Heels!

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