Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There's a Man in a Gorilla Suit on Broadway

Seattle is hot again. The dog is not as amused as I am: lots of good time for reading and writing. Book reviews, essays, and poems (oh my). I have a book description from my publisher, too, as well as half my blurbs and a couple of incredibly talented friends at work on possible cover art (though, I have found an image I think would work well should we have to resort to something from stock...). Any artists out there interested in entering the cover art sweepstakes should shoot me an email. Unfortunately, I can't offer anything other than a credit line as compensation. Also: undying gratitude and unlimited high fives.



Is Rufus Wainwright crazy for forgetting about the concerns of his audience? Or is he simply asking more of them?


TV things I must tell you: I'm upset with Vinnie Chase, annoyed that Kenny is off Top Chef, and addicted to the show Hard Knocks. That is all.


Interesting essay from the Atlantic on Facebook and friendship, via Liz Gerber

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Keith said...

Two things. Vinnie was bound to start doing blow at some point. Once he started hangin' with the porn crowd, it was all but inevitable.

Also, Rex Ryan is a complete douche. I used to be for the Jets when the Giants were all duds up, but I can't cheer for them anymore -- too much attitude and sickly glamorous expectations. The show, however, I have watched, as it's car wreck-esque.

Oh, a third thing too. Dig your author photo. Glad the book's coming along well!