Thursday, April 22, 2010

Um, Cool Websites?

Feeling lazy. So here are some links and other trinkets.


Garfield Minus Garfield: My new favorite comic strip.


Wu-Tang Nickname Generator.

Just what it sounds like. I am "Shriekin' Wanderer." Who are you?

Building up a solid stack of journals to read. I have 16 poems coming out this spring in 9 different journals. This is crazy to me. I don't know how or why it's happening, but it is. Can't wait to see them, can't wait even more to have time to read them all. 5 weeks till summer starts...but then I'm moving to Seattle; that shouldn't take up much time, should it? I love seeing the company I'm keeping in lit-zines--what's your favorite thing about contributors' copies?


Killer first line of the moment:

"Like a green ludicrous tow truck"

from David Rivard's "A Real Right Thing"
(Sugartown, Graywolf Press, 2006)


With festival season just around the's a drunk man who can't put on his flip flop. Enjoy!


Matthew said...

flip flops are challenging Luke. Come on! See you here in five weeks.

Traci Brimhall said...

Hmm.. My fave thing about contributor copies is getting other people's.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Love the Wu-Tang. Let it be known to all in the poetry world, that I'm now known as "Wicked Conqueror."

Favorite thing about contributor copies...finding a friend's poem there with mine by surprise!

Julie B said...

I'm "Wicked Assassin." :)

Love the "Garfield Minus Garfield" comic you posted. I loved the Garfield strip when I was growing up. This is even better!