Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AWP Bound

This will be a quick one as I'm typing this during class while my students are hard at work on their Lord of the Flies essays. But, as soon as the bell rings I'm dashing to my car and taking off for Raleigh-Durham. It's only about a 3 and a half hour drive from Mouth of Wilson, with a brief stop factored-in to drop off the pup at my Dad's house. I'm a bit nervous about flight-catching as my flight leaves Raleigh at 8:00, which is cutting it a bit closer than I like and assuming I won't hit traffic on the way, then I only have a 45 minute layover in Atlanta before shooting out to Denver. If everything goes according to plans, I should be on the ground in Colorado by midnight...


Excited about AWP. I have looked at the schedule, but have little to no idea about what I'll be attending. Lots of amazing writers are going to be there. Lots of people I've encountered both on and off the page that I'm looking forward to seeing. Not looking forward to: waiting in line and registering on Thursday morning...probably should have pre-registered....


I'm a guest-blogger over at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. What a cool place that is, what a cool event they host...


I've got a poem up at Di Mezzo Il Mare. The poem is the same as the one that appeared in a draft on the same website's handwritten journal image feature. The poem is different for me, I think. I don't think I love it, but I don't think I hate it, either.


My first AWP. Let's go.

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