Monday, April 26, 2010

Music, Mostly

Celebrated my 25th birthday this past weekend. I was very close to spending it cooped up here in Mouth of Wilson. We had school on Saturday morning so I didn't want to leave town for just a night to drive back the next day, but then I got really frustrated at the idea of sitting at home watching the Facebook salutations roll in (nonetheless, a million thanks for the well-wishes facebook folks!). So I headed South. Got lucky and caught my first Widespread Panic show in Raleigh with great friends from Elon, Nick and Jess. They [the band, not Nick and Jess, though they were pretty rockin' in their own right] whaled. It was awesome. I likely drank too much bourbon and ate far too many over-priced hot-dogs, but Good God was it a great night. Then had a birthday lunch with my Dad the next day, in which we discussed this big impulsive move ahead of me (of which, he had many wise things to say). All this followed by a two-hour drive home, storm clouds chasing me up Route 21 back into the Blue Ridge.

Good places. Good people. Good birthday. Happy to be alive and, more or less, kicking.


Sent my manuscript off to the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize over at University of Pittsburgh Press. Really love the books they make, so I'm eager to see what they pick this year. There's still a few days to send, poets, so get on that (I'm looking at you, Eduardo...). Strange thing, though, they ask for a CV. I couldn't figure why they'd need that...


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Killer first line of the moment:

"I know, I know, I know, I know, I know"

from Sherman Alexie's "Valediction"
(Cave Wall, Number 7, Winter/Spring 2010)

Dig that iambic pentameter. Also, dig that journal. Check out the table of contents--all those good folks.


Have you heard of Pomplamoose? I cannot accurately describe how much I enjoy them. I discovered them online semi-randomly and have been unable to stop watching/listening to their youtube 'video-songs.' They're f-ing incredible. And, I have a bonafide crush on Nataly Dawn (those eyes!). Listen to an NPR interview about their project. Better yet, watch Ms. Dawn sing some Bill Withers...Also--make sure to listen to her sing "Book of Love"....cot damn...

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Lisa said...

First of all, dear Luke, happy quarter of a century, sir! I cannot believe I didn't call and sing or at least type the song on your wall. I have no excuses. Bad Lisa.

Second: I'd love to hear what your dad had to say (that which isn't reserved solely for one's self, of course).

Three: Good luck w/the mss! 2011's the year!

Four: The fact that you have announced a crush via the interweb gives me hope.

Finally: It'd be so much cooler if we could just get a drink!