Thursday, November 19, 2009

Retching on Sideroads

Boone is less of a puppy and more of a dog these days. Have started bringing him along on my 3-5 mile runs (don't think he's yet ready for the long stuff). He does alright, though he bristles at the short leash and occasionally throws up half-chewed pencaps on the road shoulder...


I found out that the Brooklyn Review is nominating my poem from their latest edition for a Pushcart Prize. A very cool honor to be nominated, especially considering all the other rockin' poems in that issue (which you can read online). This is my first nomination.

Have poems in the latest issues of Tar River Poetry, Third Coast, and RATTLE (links to TOCs). From what I've read so far, I'm lucky to be in all of them. There are some really great poems all around. Humbling, it is. Also--have two new poems appearing at La Fovea. Many thanks to Lisa Fay Coutley for inviting me to send. Yet another poetry bad-ass I met at Sewanee.


But enough about me, how are you? Submitting to magazines? (I've been slacking) Applying to fellowships? (I am) Writing and reading poems? (just the latter for me right now) Ready for Thanksgiving? (Good God, Yes. Bring on the sweet potatoes with mini-marshmallows).


Killer opening line of the moment:

"He carved the bowl for her, a hull so small"

from Jehanne Dubrow's "Bowl, in the Shape of a Bristol Boat"
(Third Coast, Fall 2009)


College basketball has officially started. UNC rants and raving to recommence immediately. Glad to see we signed Harrison Barnes, even if he does seem like a cornball.


Caption Contest is getting hot and heavy. Home-stretch. Peruse! Evaluate! Vote!



Brittany Cavallaro said...

in the latest issue of tar river with you! loved your piece.

JayTee said...

congrats on all the successes!

Luke said...

Hey Brittany-

Saw your poem in there, too! Really powerful final image. I'm happy to be in such good company.


Thanks! Coming from UVA, I can't help but think you're next...