Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sewanee Notebook

Does anyone else do this? Every Christmas I end up browsing through the Moleskine I keep in my back pocket and finding jottings of every stripe and shape: to-do lists, dates to remember, lines of poetry, quotes, restaurant names, and generally indecipherable fragments. I present a slice of the 'Sewanee' section of the notebook, with some strange and brilliant insights from some people much more talented than myself, presented in the form they were written:



when we say, what a shame, /
whose shame do we mean?

Wilbur- 'Crows Nest'
a poetry 'to make our
terrors bravely clear'

'Hamlin Brook'
-How can I drink
all this?

How should we dream
of this world w/o us
-Advice to a Prophet


Ammons--This is only
a place, the reality
we agree with
that also agrees with us

'forays into the
known to go past the

'Passion is all, even
the sleaziest.'
-Robert Penn Warren


DS [Dave Smith]
writing poetry is about
sex and death [big check mark next to this one]

-form is a window, beyond
which, half-seen, lies the poem

-past potential endings,
gaining momentum



Saw dust edging
out from the hand.

DS-every poem must
have some threat

CE [Claudia Emerson]
Risk of asking questions
in poems is that we won't get
the answer we want

"Every once and awhile, say
exactly what you mean'
-Betty Adcock


-coital inexclusivety-

'beauty is beauty
because of its flaws'

'the distance between
what the language says
and what we want it
to say'

Golden spoons [underlined twice]


That's all for now. Perhaps more if people enjoyed this one. If not, here's a picture of puppy Boone in the snow:


Traci said...

Hooray for Boone!

And thanks for those notes. It's good to be reminded of all that good advice, even if some of it came from people I didn't want advice from.

Still bitter? Nah.

newzoopoet said...