Friday, December 25, 2009

Big Time Christmas Scarf Awesome

Happy Christmas, all! Hope everyone has a joyous and safe holiday. Every year, at least a few times, I find myself feeling abundantly content with the world, more or less optimistic about the state of humanity. Christmas is almost always one of those instances. A fine day. Hope yours was whatever you needed it to be. Thanks to Deedie for the very cool scarf. I don't usually wear scarves. Not really a scarf guy. But of any on the calendar: Christmas is a scarf day. Also: New Year's. Holiday scarf.

Lots of poems to get to (both my own and others', the latter will receive preference for the time being); need to pack for New Year's trip to Denver; residency applications to finish; fellowship applications to continue; but for now: a tuckered-out Redbone Coonhound and some great new books. Thanks everyone, for stopping by, for having an interest, for rocking and/or rolling at more or less appropriate times.


Now Winter Nights Enlarge

Now winter nights enlarge
The number of their hours,
And clouds their storms discharge
Upon the airy towers.
Let now the chimneys blaze
And cups o'erflow with wine;
Let well-tuned words amaze
With harmony divine!
Now yellow waxen lights
Shall wait on honey love
While youthful revels, masques and Courtly slights,
Sleep's leaden spells remove.

This time doth well dispense
With lovers' long discourse;
Much speech hath some defence,
Though beauty no remorse.
All do not all things well;
Some measures comely tread,
Some knotted riddles tell,
Some poems smoothly read.
The summer hath his joys,
And winter his delights;
Though love and all his pleasures are but toys,
They shorten tedious nights.

--Thomas Campion


I thought this movie was funny. Watched with Dad the other night. I laughed louder and more often than he.

Also received a copy of The Last Waltz. Big time awesome.

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