Sunday, June 14, 2009

Motoring On

In Roanoke, I'm deep in the thick of moving out of my apartment of the past two years. Needless to say, it's a pain. I've been doing my best to purge the things I'll no longer need as well as the things I'd rather not have around as reminders. It brings me back to the Tom Beller quote I put up here the other day ("Again and again as he prowled around the house now, he was struck by the evidence of lives lived. It lay on the shelves, along the walls, stacked in piles on the floor."from A Different Kind of Imperfection). So much paper.


Another new long-hand poem, disappearing shortly. As you can see if you've been reading these, I'm stuck on a theme:



Killer first line of the moment:

"It's true. Mountain acres are bigger."

from John Casteen's "Cold on the Shoulder"
(Free Union, University of Georgia Press, 2009)


Back to West Virginia, the tent, tonight. Though I love it out there, it's definitely been nice to sleep in a bed the past two nights.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on the job, the opportunity to live amongst the forest, the potential puppy, and what is hopefully a long stint as a career academic. It sounds like the life.

It's a pleasure to find that you not only are keeping a blog, but that you're actually updating it as well. It warms my heart (seriously!) that I've got the opportunity to read some poetry by a gifted A-town alumni.

Good luck with the new job and have a great summer.

Keith said...

Good luck with all of that. I say that because I'll soon be doing the same thing up to NY.

I'll be hitting you up about Ithaca too. Did you ever visit the Ithaca Brewing Company? Seems like they're on the up and up with some of their new beers...

And yes, I'm moving to Binghamton for a PhD, and I'm asking about a brewery. That's how I roll I guess.

Luke said...


Glad you found me on here. Career in academia does sound nice, no matter how sheltered it makes us as aritsts, yeah? Hopefully I'll be able to update more and more consistently once I move out of the woods. Hope you have a good summer, too, and hope you get to go to grassroots (I'm pretty devastated I'm going to miss it two years in a row).


Moving is a pain. I trust you know this. Purge, my friend, purge. IBC is great, I never made it inside the brewrey, but I've driven past it a million times and I love their Pale Ale. Cascazilla is great if you like Red Ale's. I highly recommend investing in a growler once you get up there. I'm glad to see you've got your priorities in order. Shoot me an email sometime soon and I'll get you all the dirt on things to do in the 607.