Friday, November 11, 2011

Everything Must Go

In a purging state of mind. I'm thinking maybe it's safe to have less than 3 copies of the same literary journal (mostly contributor copies of the past few years) languishing on the shelf. These are great issues and they need great readers, so I offer to send them to whoever's interested (just shoot me an email and let me know which ones you want--try to limit it to 2/person) in the hope you might enjoy them and purchase a subscription (or better yet, a gift subscription!). Support these excellent and hard-working folks. I've got:

Birmingham Poetry Review 37 (featuring work by Richard Bausch, Claudia Emerson, Rebecca Morgan Frank, William Logan, Caki Wilkinson, and others)

Georgetown Review 11.1 (featuring work by Seth Abramson, Honoree Fanonne Jeffers, Ravi Shankar, and others)

Passages North 32.1 (featuring work by Traci Brimhall, Frank Giampietro, Bob Hicock, Sandy Longhorn, Matthew Nienow, Matthew Thorburn, dawn lonsinger, and others (!))

Hollins Critic XLVII.4 (featuring discussions on the work of Howard Frank Mosher by James Robert Saunders, Elaine Feinstein by Kelly Cherry, and Maxine Kumin by David Slavitt)

RATTLE 32 (featuring work by Laura Eve Engel, Colette Inez, Molly Peacock, David Wagoner, Tony Barnstone, Patricia Smith, and others)

Third Coast 29 (featuring work by Quan Berry, Jehanne Dubrow, Gray Jacobik, Tomaz Salamun, and others)

Tar River Poetry 49.1 (featuring work by Ross White, Gary Fincke, Michael McFee, Brittany Cavallaro, Michelle Boisseau, and others)

Beloit Poetry Journal 59.4 (featuring work by Peter Munro, Simon Perchik, Avery Slater, and others)

Poet Lore 103.3 (featuring work by Nin Andrews, Michael Boccardo, George David Clark, Alex Dimitrov, Jane Shore, Katrina Vandenberg, and others)

Roanoke Review 33 (featuring work by Caitlin Horrocks, Carrie Shipers, Wiley Cash, and others)

New York Quarterly 65 (featuring work by Dorianne Laux, Mark Bibbins, Donald Lev, Matthew Zapruder, Bruce Weigl, David Shapiro, and others)

First come, first serve. Thanks for stopping by.


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Luke Johnson said...


The following journals have already been snagged: BPR, NYQ, Passages North, and RATTLE.