Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Box of Books in Spokane

The UPS tracker says I'll have a big 'ol box on my porch tomorrow evening. This is craziness. There are fish dying and birds falling from the sky. I worry that my book's release has triggered the apocalypse. Still, just in case, I've added a PayPal button to the blog, for anyone who'd like to buy the book directly from me (free shipping, yo). I'd be happy to sign copies, just let me know when you make your order. The book should also be available on Amazon and Small Press Distribution by the end of the weekend (or so I hear). I'll be walking around with copies at AWP, too, though NYQ Books won't have a table so you'll have to find me (you could just come to the Hollins 50th anniversary reading, featuring me, Madison Smartt Bell, Jill McCorkle, Jeanne Larsen, Karen McElmurray, and David Huddle, just sayin'). The folks at NYQ have added page-previews on the book's site, if you're so inclined.

Thanks, again, for your interest. It's remarkable to me that I have so many excellent folks with which to share this. Go team.


We create art because we create art. In all art, no matter how we like to deny this in the postmodern world, there is a glimpse of the afterlife, of the communal power of the human mind. So, my friend, we continue on. We draft our poems. We move commas and line breaks. We listen. We watch. We live. We write. To some, our need to do this is silly. To others, it is something they wish they could do. But this life of making art, this devotion, is one I would never trade in for anything. And something deep inside me tells me this is true for you as well. Again, I know I am being forward having never met you in person. But I have met your heart and your mind in your poems, and I know full well you share in this terrible devotion.

-C. Dale Young responds to my last post over at Avoiding the Muse.


Josh Robbins was kind to give me a shout out and post three poems from my forthcoming book on his blog. Having seen Josh's poems around in journals, online, etc., I don't think it will be too long before I can return him the same favor.


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Sandy Longhorn said...

Woo Hoo! Just ordered my copy! See you in DC.