Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LEGOS as Cultural Icon

One of the nice things about PoBiz: it keeps you humble. Following up the Nimrod acceptance were three magazine rejections (from Poetry, crazyhorse, and Memorious, all awesome magazines, all places I'll keep trying) and one book contest rejection (APR/Honickman: Congrats to Rough Honey and Melissa Stein!). The APR notice said they received over 1,000 manuscripts. Good God, talk about humbling. Suddenly that 7-years to first book prognostication doesn't seem so far-fetched...

Sidenote: I looked on UrbanDictionary for a definition of 'PoBiz' and was shocked to see there wasn't one (yet). What's your definition of PoBiz?


Something tells me this hit the web awhile ago, but I just discovered it. Classic photographs re-staged with LEGOS. Interesting to see both the originials and their endlessly smiling counterparts...


Last week, Israel’s oldest newspaper, Haaretz, took a one-off chance, temporarily replacing its workaday reporters with 31 of the country’s leading poets and authors. The writers, as writers do, ran amok.

-swiped from Mike Croley


Killer first line of the moment:

"The Dachshund leads a quiet life"

from William Jay Smith's "Dachshunds"
(Words By the Water, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008)


Carolina-Dook game tonight. What a torturous season it's been so far. But, maybe, just maybe, it can be salvaged with a win over the Dookies...


Nancy Devine said...

yes. pobiz. a spate of rejections for me came after a couple of poems were accepted. i think the thing to do is keep least that's what i think today.

Traci said...

Wow, those Lego pictures are brilliant, but it kinda creeps me out that they're all smiling.

Luke said...


I think you're right, at least I hope you are. Thanks for stopping by!


Yeah, that's the creepiest part. I think by far the most interesting is the Immolating Monk. I keep wanting to write a poem about it, but haven't yet been able...maybe I should dig up some LEGOs...