Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Equinox as Harbinger of Doom

No need to panic. Though my title may be hyperbolizing the situation, I do think Fall is upon us. While I'm thrilled to be wearing a fleece during my short walk from house to school-building, I'm less-than-thrilled by the mountains of work. We just finished our first interim which means grades are due, which means mountains of journals and quizzes on my coffee table. Real mountains good. Figurative mountains bad.

Fortunately, this first fall weekend brings with it my first real weekend since school started. We've had classes on Saturday morning for the past three weeks, so needless to say I'm excited about the prospect of two consecutive days sleeping past 5 a.m. (though not much later as Boone starts getting restless around 8). Parent-teacher conferences on Friday--I'm hoping these will be interesting: how much more you understand about the way a child behaves after meeting their parents.


Lots of new string-oriented music in my life. Bought the Monsters of Folk record, after hearing all the hype--haven't yet given it the time it deserves. Also picked up the new Yonder, the new Avetts, and the Grizzly Bear CD. With road-trips in my future, I'm happy to have some new tunes. Also have a stack of music from Lisa Fay--so the road-trips are necessary to make sure I get to listen to it all.


More rejections. Though, I did get a strange bit of inside information that has me grinning. More on that front once I get the official word. Can hardly believe how quickly some of these magazines move.

In other publication news: check out the newest RATTLE e-issue. It's humbling to see the other folks who will be included in the upcoming issue. Nice to see that helladocious cover, too. There's also an interesting first book interview in there with Bruce Cohen. Makes me that much more excited to get my hands on the damn thing.


Killer opening line of the moment:

"A shilling life will give you all the facts:"

from W.H. Auden's "Who's Who"
(Penguin Book of the Sonnet, 2001)


Usually spoken-word/SLAM poetry is extremely hit-or-miss for me, which is odd as I have such an interest in poetry and rap both (those 2 rap albums I recorded in undergrad serve as evidence of the latter). But I stumbled across this video and was heartened, moved even:


JayTee said...

oooh loved the vid! "you cannot be abandoned, you can only be released," he said. wow. good link, thanks!

Lisa said...

Luke, have I ever told you how much I enjoy reading your blog entries? And it's not just because you give me shout-outs every now and again either. I truly enjoy them. Miss ya! Hope you're rockin'.