Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Throw Down Your Heart

Have you heard about Bela Fleck's new cd? The above video offers explanation, but barely touches the surface of the music itself. I can't listen to this stuff without grinning. Seriously uplifting tunes, should you be in need of some lifting up. Makes me want to get sick nasty at the banjo.


Had a poem accepted yesterday to appear in the upcoming Sonnet issue of RATTLE. I'm thrilled as it's one of the magazines I've been sending to since I first started submitting. More details to come once I have them...


Brown chicken brown cow.

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unsaid said...

I love that you get into places after a few tries sometimes. Makes it easier for me to keep pressing submit! lol Congrats on the new job too! Glad to see your successes coming straight out of the MFA!