Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Unfetteredness

Handed in the thesis yesterday. Found out I passed my comprehensive exams. All that's left is grading the portfolios for my class, but regardless, I'm done with the MFA. It's a bit strange. I had no idea what to do with myself today. I read a book simply because I wanted to, went for a run, and played the banjo. Soon I'll probably start packing up this apartment, but in the meantime I'm still applying for teaching jobs, everything from private/independent high schools to community colleges to universities. I'm eager to have some sort of response and ready to go anywhere. I think I'd be infinitely less uncomfortable about moving some place new if I had a job lined up there, but that's probably just a symptom of this newfound practicality I've been experiencing.


Had a poem, a ghazal, taken by 42Opus today. One of the first places I ever submitted back when I started in September of '07. I'm excited as it's a great e-zine and I've been trying to get more of my work available online, so yeah. More info once I have it.


Killer opening line of the moment:

"Here I love you."

from Pablo Neruda's "Here I Love You" trans. W.S. Merwin
(Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, Penguin, 1969)

A friend put me onto this video. Killer, I say. Download an album from Sam Holt's band for free, here.

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