Sunday, February 22, 2009


Went to a very strange reading on saturday night. The reading itself, by Josip Novakovich, was quite good. He never identified what he read or whether it was story or novel, but it was incredibly funny. There was some great dialogue between Russian police and a hapless American writer/tourist named David (who accidentally pissed on a Russian cathedral). It was the things surrounding the reading that befuddled me. Novakovich was scheduled to read at 7:00, but a bluegrass band named Red Clay River played until 8 o'clock. Don't get me wrong, they were great, but left me a little perplexed about what exactly the event was. Had that been the only anomaly, I probably would have just sucked it up, but then they added another reader after Novakovich and then another band after the reading. Long story short, I went to a 7 o'clock reading and left at about 9:30. The silver lining: we went to IHOP for all you can eat pancakes.


Did my taxes today. Looks like I've got a refund coming--a refund which will be applied straight to the honeymoon fund. I've got no worries about actually being married, but am so nervous about all the logistics surrounding the wedding coming together. It reminded me--getting married, just planning the damn thing, is hard enough as it is, it's assinine, mean-spirited, and just plain dumb to make it illegal for anyone devoted enough to go through all the hassle. Obviously, I'm simplifying a much more complicated issue, but it's the truth. What possible reasoning could there be (other than bigotry) to not allow everyone to go through with something that in and of itself is so damn difficult? Not just the wedding, but being married--love and let love, people.


Killer opening line of the now:

"Night-life. Letters, journals, bourbon"

-from Adrienne Rich's "Origins and History of Consciousness"


Second banjo lesson tomorrow. I'm eager to work on my hammering on.

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