Sunday, January 25, 2009

Impressive Porch

So Shelley and I hiked up to Apple Orchard Falls on Friday, when temperatures crested 60 degrees. Unseasonably warm days are the bees-knees. I enjoy how that word looks on a blank page. I also like it when waterfalls freeze. Ice is pretty. Compound words are fun. These are deep philosophical truths. The world is not so complicated.


Went to a Virginia Tech hockey game last night. That made me happy--though it was a far cry from the Cornell hockey games I used to go to with my Dad. They would throw toothpaste on the ice when they played Colgate. I think that's clever.


Trying to get my self into gear for the rapidly approaching Spring semester. There is a syllabus to revise. Two book reviews (Brendan Galvin's Whirl is King and Mike Smith's How to Make a Mummy) to write for the Critic. Two collections of Selected Poems (Rodney Jones, James Tate) I'm determined to finish before things start back up. Plus, new poems. I wrote one today. It's about fishing. I don't particularly like fishing, but I do enjoy the idea of sitting around on a boat. That sentence is probably more artful than the actual poem. Word.


This porch/bridge amazed me, right underneath the falls, about a two mile hike away from any roads. Through the woods no less. I want to build a bridge somewhere.

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